Unlike white women, black women tend to find it a bit tricky when it comes to selecting a human hair weave that suits their needs. This is because of an array of factors. For starters, black women have more hair types compared to their white counterparts, Asian, Caribbean or Indian women. Their facial features are also different in ways that may make picking the best weave hairstyles for black women a challenge.

One of the best ways out of this dilemma is to go for a high-quality human hair weave. Irrespective of your facial features and skin tone, quality weaves will give you a laid-back look. These weaves are designed to provide you with the look of a woman who exudes high-confidence. And by cutting out a look of a woman who knows what she is doing, you can virtually get away with anything when it comes to bold styling.


Stay off Synthetic Weaves

When you’re looking at the prospects of making a fashion statement – weaves enable you to cut. However, you’re likely to get two thumbs down if you pick synthetic weaves. Other than looking like an armature in the world of beauty products, you will also displace your priorities. This is because synthetic hair goes well with braids and never have they received a round of applause where the best weave hairstyles for black women benchmark African beauty.


hairstyleCurly vs. Straight Weaves

A good hairstylist knows what works for you by looking at your facial features and size or the shape of your head. He or she might or also want to take note of your forehead as well as your body weight and height. In most cases, plump black women look good in curly weaves. Slimmer women get the idea of classic head grooming right whenever they try out straight weaves.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should rule out the possibilities of looking good in straight or curly weaves based on physical attributes. Short straight weaves may look good on you simply because they leave enough room above your cheek for a chic display of your dimples. Curly weaves may, on the other hand, make your head appear bigger – a physical beauty aspiration that you may have if you have a smaller head.


Glued vs. Sewn-in Weaves

Glued-in weaves are usually intended to be worn for a short period. The glue comes off faster compared to the stitches in the sewn-in weave versions. Therefore, if you know that you don’t intend to redo your hair within a short period, then you’re better off with the sewn-in weaves. The sewn-in weave is also commendable if you ’re exposed to high sunlight intensity as the heat peel off the glue.

Other than these, you need to note the benefits of going for low-maintenance weaves. The weave you choose should reflect your personality. Go for something bold and colorful if you want to look young and daring. The feed-in-braids types give you an innovative outlook on the other hand. There is no limit to choice when it comes to weaves.

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