The term weave refers to a hair styling technique using a piece of synthetic hair or processed human hair to enhance the length, volume, and color. Although many people are not so familiar with the term, the style has been a booming trend among actresses and beauty experts that they are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get the new shafts attached to their original hair. The most evident example of the trend is when you see an actress walking down the red carpet with long and straight hair, while the next day you see the same person with a totally different hairstyle. Thanks to the new invention, drastic changes are possible without having to change the look permanently.

There are several things that one needs to know about the trend, especially when they need to get the weaves attached. Those things include the type of extensions, the benefits that one can get, and how to care for the newly-attached extensions.

The Type of Weaves

a woman drying her hairThere are two types of weave hairstyles, and they are synthetic extensions and human hair extensions. The first type refers to the type made of microfibers that resemble real human hair, and the second type refers to processed human hair with added curls in each shaft to create natural and durable weaves. While the first type often dominates the market due to its low price, the second type proves to be an excellent choice if you are looking for a long-lasting and high-quality extension. The product minimizes hair tangling, shedding, and breakage.

The Hair Care

Another feature that the product offer is its high practicality. The item is practical that it allows you to care for it without having to go to a beauty salon regularly. Weave care at home is also possible, and you only need water-based shampoo, moisturizing hair conditioner, and a bottle of hair mist to avoid tangled hair.

The Benefits

The average women often point out several questions about how they can benefit from the products. Indeed, most women tend to prefer their original hair rather than having the synthetic one attached to their scalp. However, the products prove to be versatile, protective, experimental, and simple. All those benefits are indeed the qualities that most women look for whenever they purchase beauty products. Please note that the existing beauty standards are famous for its forever-changing nature, and women are on a constant lookout for beauty items that they can play with and create a stunning look.

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